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Data Driven Technology

We believe in the Enterprises data sovereignty. Therefore our own

API Platform 

is designed to close the current gap between technology and business. This enables individuals to be in charge of data management and makes them effective in the use of their data. It frees them from having to deal with details of  technology and gives them the freedom to pursue the companies goals. .

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API Platform


is the api platform that is home to the Liquid toolchain: Liquid.VU, Liquid.REST and Liquid.MX. It provides an environment in which the user quickly turns data silos to valuable assets, rapidly builds information access for ongoing projects and ties together data driven processes.

Being a SaaS platform it comes as a fully up and running package with minimal set up required.

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Liquid.VU is the entry point of data onto the platform. Arbitrary data structures are ingested and become instantly searchable on a semantic level. The given data sources are quickly understandable and sets the stage for further processing.

Liquid.REST is a powerful tool to rapidly create a REST Service from any data structure by using a graphical, web based interface.

Liquid.MX is the message processing module, which ties it all together and secures the data flow between processes. Different components such as databases or cloud services are accessed as endpoints. It ensures data is securely delivered in time to the right place.

Use Cases

Liquid.PM and its toolchain can be used in different scenarios that are all too familiar, such as busting data silos, providing a common data source with just a mouseclick or visually creating api endpoints that everyone can use, instantly turning your data into a profit center.

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Provide Data Instantly

Projects and departments are constantly in need of data. Learn how you can provide data virtually at an instant with Liquid.REST.

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Who we are

We are a passionate team of technology enthusiasts driven by the goal of giving all the power of data and information back to the individuals relying on that data - the people at a company!

The coming years will be shaped by automation of businesses and the processes involved. This will have an impact on companies and their operational procedure. In order to be successful within this changing world companies will have to gain back the power over their data. Up until now this meant for businesses to become more and more like a technology firm. 

Dilcher GmbH

offers the technology to simplify processes, to minimise the outsourcing of operating processes and to work future-oriented. Our technology's purpose is to minimize your external reliance and bring the data responsibility and ownership back to you. Data belong to the companies, like the power over data pertains to them as well. Regardless of the involved technology, the aim of the data use is to achieve business growth. At the same time our users obtain time to focus their actual work. 

Become successful while being data driven and in face of changing paradigms.

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